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VQ Information

Vocational Qualifications (VQs) tell you exactly what you have to do in a job, to perform to a nationally recognised standard. They are based on national standards which are drawn up by people from industry, commerce and education. This means that if you have a VQ, then you have a way of proving that you have met national standards agreed by whatever industry or commercial sector you are in.

A candidate must build a portfolio of evidence and be assessed on site under “real, live” working conditions. The evidence and assessment criterion that is required for the VQ is explained during the induction process. There is no set time for the assessment process to take; candidates can work towards gaining the award at their own pace.  The people involved in the assessment process are listed below.

Who will be involved in my VQ?

The Candidate

As a candidate for VQ units of competence, while your assessor will provide you with support to achieve your qualification, the responsibility for completing it is yours.

Candidates are required to demonstrate their skill, knowledge and understanding to the standard specified by the performance criteria of each unit of the award. This can be achieved by gathering evidence, building a portfolio, witness testimonies and questioning. You must inform your assessor or the centre co-ordinator if you are unable, or no longer intend, to continue with your VQ qualification

The Assessor

Will have experience in your area of work or type of machine and is responsible for assessments and planning. They are also responsible for judging when you are competent and will help you plan and organise your evidence

The Internal Verifier

Maintains the quality of assessments within the centre, assists you and the assessor during assessment and will monitor candidates’ progress and candidates’ achievements

The External Verifier

Employed by SQA / C&G to ensure that the centre meets all the National Standards

Ensures that the assessment process and outcomes are valid, authentic, current and sufficient

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