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The terms and conditions of Central Training Services Limited (hereafter called the Company) are contained herein.

Quotations are made and bookings accepted subject to these Terms and Conditions.  These Terms and Conditions will form the basis of all contracts with the Company, unless otherwise specified by the Company.  Any document used, when placing a booking, which includes or refers to other Terms and Conditions will not apply, unless they are agreed in writing by the Company and signed by a Director, prior to the booking completion.  No addition to or variation of these conditions will bind the Company unless it is specifically agreed in writing and signed by a Director of the Company.

All bookings made must be confirmed, by the client to the Company, by signing our Booking Form and returning it to us prior to the training/testing taking place.

These Terms and Conditions are correct at the date shown on the relevant training/testing booking form.  The Company reserves the right to vary them without prior notice.  An updated copy will be available on the Company website and will also be supplied to the client if applicable.


Quotations remain valid for a period of 30 days from date shown on the document.  Any changes to this will be clearly written on the quotation.  The Company reserves the right to vary prices, and the services provided, in accordance with changes in circumstance which may prevail, at any time.  Should any information, in any form supplied by the client/prospective client, to the Company for the purpose of a quotation preparation, prove to be inaccurate or insufficient, the Company reserves the right to amend the quotation to cover any differential in costs. Quotations include the cost of any registration, administration and certification fees and are inclusive of VAT (unless otherwise stated).

Payment Terms

Payment for all training/testing must be made prior to the training/testing taking place.  Payment must be made in full 10 working days prior to the training/testing assembly date.  Any variation to this must be agreed in writing with the Company and signed by a Director.  Any training materials must be paid for in full prior to receipt.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque, BACS, credit card, debit card or PAYPAL via webpage.

The Company reserves the right to re-allocate any training/testing places should payment not be received in time.

Registration and certification will not be completed until full payment has been received.  Certification is awarded at the discretion of the Company.  Only delegates who successfully complete the training/testing by passing both theory and practical sessions will be certificated.  Any changes to this must be agreed with the Company in writing and signed by a Director, prior to the course commencing. Where this is the case, suitable wording will be used on any certification.

Health and Safety

It is the responsibility of the delegate and/or their employer to ensure that they are physically fit and sufficiently mentally equipped to take part in any training/testing. Delegates must be physically capable of withstanding the rigours of their chosen training/testing. If there are any doubts in this the Company may refer the delegate to a GP at no cost to the Company. The onus is with the delegate to ensure his or her fitness to undertake chosen training/testing and the Company does not accept any responsibility in this regard.  Where training/testing is held on the Company’s premises, all delegates must conform to the Company’s Health & Safety Policy.  Any breaches of this policy may result in the delegate being suspended or excluded from the training/testing and premises.  Where training/testing takes place on premises specified by the client, then the client must ensure that such premises or areas are safe and without risk to delegates and employees of the Company.  Any “at risk areas” must be clearly identified and marked by the client.

Delegate Requirements

Most training/testing begins with a classroom session therefore; delegates should wear suitable indoor clothing and footwear and bring a change of both for outdoor practical training/testing session (if applicable).

Football colours are not allowed during training/testing within Company premises.

Delegates are required to supply their own personal safety equipment, suitable to the training/testing they are attending.  The Company is not liable for any loss or damage to delegate’s property whilst attending the premises.

The consumption of alcohol and/or non-prescription drugs is not permitted during or immediately prior to training/testing.  The company will refuse to train any delegate who infringes this condition and they will be required to leave the premises.  Any delegate who is undergoing a course of prescribed drugs must inform the Company, prior to any training/testing, of the nature of the drug and any possible side effects.  The Company may seek assurance that the training/testing can take place without risk.  The decision of the Company in relation to this is final.

Equipment owned by or leased to the Company must not be removed from the premises.  The Company reserves the right to charge a delegate or their employer for any loss or damage to any equipment or property whilst attending training/testing.

Delegates must be punctual for all courses.  Late arrival may result in the delegate being unable to attend the training/testing.

Cancellation and Postponement

The Company reserves the right to charge a cancellation/postponement fee for any training/testing previously confirmed and subsequently cancelled or postponed.  The following costs will be charged for any training/testing cancelled or postponed prior to the course date:

More than 15 working days: No charge, full refund provided

11 – 15 working days: 25% of invoice amount charged

6 – 10 working days: 50% of invoice amount charged

1 – 5 working days: 100% of invoice amount charged

Non attendance on the day: 100% of invoice amount charged

In the event that the Company is not able to carry out work on a client’s premises, due to the client failing to provide the necessary resources or personnel, then the training/testing will be deemed to have been cancelled by the client and the cancellation fees above will be applied.

The Company reserves the right to remove a delegate from training/testing at any time should there be evidence of serious misconduct or if the continued attendance of the delegate could have a negative impact on themselves or others attending the course.  The Company has no liability to issue a refund in this situation.

In the event that the Company cancels or postpones training/testing, an alternative suitable date will be agreed for the work to be completed.  In the event that an alternative date cannot be agreed, a full refund will be given.  The Company reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior notice, the venue and/or tutor of a course and/or the course content as described in any published literature. The Company will not be held liable for any costs incurred by the client for such actions.

Applicable Law

Scottish Law shall apply and Scottish Courts shall settle any disputes. These terms and conditions do not affect any statutory rights available to the client.

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